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The Great Artesian Basin Coordinating Committee produce a range of knowledge resources associated with their role in providing community and industry advice to Australian and State/Territory government Ministers on the efficient, effective and sustainable whole-of-resource management of the Great Artesian Basin.

Knowledge resources produced by the Committee include Annual reports, meeting outcomes, poster map, management plans, research reports and reviews.

If you are researching information on Australia's Great Artesian Basin, you may find the additional links below useful:

Department of the Environment - Lesson Plans

This resource provides schools with curriculum lesson plans that focus on sustainable water use in a significant region of Australia.

In a dry arid country such as Australia, the Great Artesian Basin is a precious resource. In a time of projected reduced annual rainfall and frequent drought what do we need to do to ensure this water resource is secured for future generations and the diversity of our communities and ecosystems are sustained? These resources are based around the curriculum areas of science and geography and may be implemented by classroom teachers using an interdisciplinary approach or as a science or geography focus.

Great Artesian Basin Poster Map

The Great Artesian Basin Poster Map tells the story of the Great Artesian Basin in a way it has never been told before. The map features dramatic and informative full-colour graphics.

To purchase the Map simply complete the order form.

Educational institutions located in the Basin can receive a copy of the Poster at no charge. Educational institutions located outside the Basin will only be charged the postage and handling fee. Concessional rates apply to other customers located inside the Basin.

Great Artesian Basin - Government information

Below are links to the Australian and State/Territory government departments that are responsible for the management of the Great Artesian Basin.

Great Artesian Basin - Natural Resource Management information

Below are links to the Natural Resource Management boards that are responsible for the management of regions within the Great Artesian Basin.