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Roles and Responsibilities

GAB free flowing bore

Great Artesian Basin Coordinating Committee

The primary role of the Great Artesian Basin Coordinating Committee (the Committee) is to provide advice to relevant Australian and State/Territory government Ministers on the sustainable whole-of-basin resource management of the Great Artesian Basin, and to coordinate activity between stakeholders.

Specific responsibilities of the Committee include:

  • Reviewing the progress of programmes
  • Reporting on the implementation of the Strategic management plan
  • Promotion/publicity and communication about whole-of-basin values against an approved work plan
  • Objective analysis of policy issues and provision of advice to Ministers
  • Coordination of policy/management across sectors where appropriate
  • Coordination of technical activity (eg standards) and research, and
  • Examination and preparation of recommendations to Ministers on cross-border issues.

As the Great Artesian Basin underlies all or parts of eighteen natural resource management (NRM) regions, the Committee needs to encourage and assist the relevant NRM regional organisations to afford adequate attention to the Great Artesian Basin.

GABCC Operating Arrangements – September 2017 (PDF – 178 KB)

GABCC Operating Arrangements – September 2017 (DOC – 178 KB)

Australian Government

The Australian government facilitates the cooperative management of water resources. Federal environment laws apply when actions may affect nationally listed threatened species or ecological communities such as the community dependent on GAB natural discharge springs.

State and Territory Governments

The State and Territory governments manage their respective parts of the Basin under their own laws. Queensland and New South Wales Great Artesian Basin advisory groups report to their respective Ministers and a member from each state group is a representative on the Great Artesian Basin Coordinating Committee.

Natural Resource Management Boards

There are 19 Natural Resource Management boards across the basin. They address some of the broader natural resource issues such as weeds and pest animals, arising from the use and management of Basin waters.

Water users, land managers and communities

Water users, land managers and communities contribute to Basin management by participating in the Great Artesian Basin Sustainability Initiative, adopting new technologies, improving land management and industry practices and participating in water planning.